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Submitted on
April 17


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things i've learned in
the last few months:

-friends are expendable.
-so is sanity.
-you can like girls and boys
and neither and either.
-orgasms feel
-ice-pick headaches
are disconcerting.
-it is possible to
exist while half your soul
is jutting out of your body.
-change does not help
-you can't bring back the dead.
-but you can hold the dead in your
arms when their eyes won't close.
-and when you make pacts with god,
remember that you're still upholding
so many promises with him in the first place.
-you're not suicidal, just human.
-maybe just a little less human than
everyone else.
-devaluing people doesn't
help your social anxiety.
-you can't run away from job
opportunities just because
you think a colleague is whispering about you.
-but you do get a choice on which job to take.
-and no, you're not so worthless that you have
to settle for a job you know you'll hate.
-and you do have a right to be paranoid.
-you don't have to write your sister.
-it's also okay that you don't miss her like you thought
you would.
- it's okay to have wanderlust.
- it's time to realize you're not a kid anymore.
- which also means when you fantasize about living on your own,
that's probably normal, if in fact, healthy.
- but don't rush yourself.
- it's okay to realize that
so far, you haven't found where you
truly belong. you'll find home.
-in the mean time,
enjoy the crash. it's pretty beautiful.

.by marlboroblacks

Literature / Prose / Non-Fiction / Emotional©2014 marlboroblacks
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